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TIZ-ADVANCED ALLOY TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD is the first-class research and development, production and testing center in the industry. TIZ-ADVANCED ALLOY Materials Technology Co., Ltd. covers the development of functional materials, structural materials, superalloys, powder metallurgy, welding materials, amorphous microcrystalline alloys. TIZ-ADVANCED ALLOY's R&D personnel are the first researchers in China to develop combined water and gas atomization. They are used in the fields of diamond superhard alloy alloy carcass powder, MIM high-vibration ultra-fine stainless steel powder, and soft magnetic materials. A lot of research has accumulated a wealth of experience. At the same time, TIZ-ADVANCED ALLOY hired professors from Beijing University of Science and Technology and experts from MIM industry and inductor industry in Taiwan and Japan as technical consultants to continuously absorb cutting-edge products and industry information at home and abroad, and made the formation and development of China's atomized milling industry. great contribution.
TIZ-ADVANCED ALLOY is currently equipped with 200-500kg water and gas combined atomization milling equipment, mass production of diamond superhard alloy alloy carcass powder, high-vibration ultra-fine stainless steel powder for MIM, and FeSiCr, FeSi, FeNi50, MPP, FeCoNi , soft magnetic powder such as FeSiAL. TIZ-ADVANCED ALLOY has complete and supporting metal material production and physical and chemical properties testing methods. It has perfect conditions and equipment for magnetic powder preparation, testing and analysis, and can meet various development needs of domestic and foreign customers.