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Working place:
Luojiang District-Fujian Province-Quanzhou City
Affiliate department:
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Part time
Years of working:
No limit
Education background:
Regular college
Release time:
2018/09/26 15:54
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Post description:
description of job
Job Type: Quality Inspector / Tester
Release time: 2018-09-25
Effective date: 2018-10-25
Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender
Working location: Quanzhou Luojiang District
description of job:
First, job responsibilities:
1. Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the quality system documents, carefully inspect the products in strict accordance with the requirements of technical documents and quality standards, carefully carry out inspections after inspection and completion, correctly determine whether the products are qualified or not, and test the test results. Responsible for correctness
2. Supervision and inspection of the process discipline at the production site
3. When the product is found to have quality problems, it should be reported immediately, and participate in the quality analysis meeting organized by the production and inspection departments.
4. Properly keep and use the inspection seal, and mark the products that have been inspected according to the regulations. The non-conforming products must be stored in isolation, and the rigorous non-conforming products flow into the next process.
5. Make timely feedback on various quality records and quality information to ensure that all quality records are complete and correct.
6. Responsible for incoming inspection and inspection of foreign samples
Second, the company's employee benefits are as follows:
The basic salary is determined according to the peak season, plus various welfare subsidies, the approximate salary range is between 3500-5500 yuan.
★ Attendance Bonus: When the total number of employees' attendance days is not less than the number of full-time days in the month, the company will also give 200 yuan attendance bonus.
★ Post Bonus: The company enjoys different post subsidies according to different positions, different positions and different types of work.
★ Overtime bonus: The monthly cumulative attendance exceeds the number of full-day days of the month, and the overtime bonus is calculated according to the actual number of days exceeded.
★Working age bonus: The company enjoys the service age subsidy according to the service life of the employee. The employee's monthly salary is 100 yuan for the employee who has worked for 1~2 years, the employee's monthly salary is 300 yuan for 3~5 years, and the employee's monthly service age for 6 years and above. The bonus is 500 yuan.
★ Night shift meal supplement: The staff of the night shift will be compensated according to the standard of 6 yuan per shift per shift.
★ Living conditions: Free accommodation (4 people in a dormitory, including air conditioning, water heater, internet); free working meals (with billiards, table tennis and other entertainment facilities in the dining hall)
★Social security: signing a formal labor contract after entering the job, after the probation period, according to the unified standard, the employee purchases “five insurances” (endowment, medical care, work injury, birth, unemployment)
★ Rest vacation: 4 days off (if the company orders are busy, it needs to work overtime, according to the overtime pay), according to the national legal holidays, and there are marriage leave and funeral leave system.
★ Training promotion: provide various staff quality training, job skills training, and regularly hold skills assessment, qualified to be promoted
Contact: Miss Wen Tel: 18620504958
Work location: No. 2 Road, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Luojiang District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province
Bus route: 1. Take bus No. K307 and No. 11 to get off at Luojiang Wanan Science and Technology Park; 2. Take bus No.13, bus No.19 to Luojiang Guantou Station, walk to 324# National Road opposite Wanan Science and Technology Park .